LLM Consulting Group partners and affiliations bridge the gap for clients from theory to implementation, offering practical hands-on solutions, advice, and guidance. All take a best-in-class approach to engagements, applying their expertise and experience to achieve desired outcomes.

Advisory Cloud

Lacey is an Advisor with AdvisoryCloud.

Business inSITE Group

Lacey is Co-Founder and Partner at Business inSITE Group in partnership with Ian Ziskin, President of EXec EXcel Group LLC.

Center for Effective Organizations logo

Lacey is an Affiliated Practitioner with USC Marshall’s Center for Effective Organizations.

Lacey is a member of CHIEF.

Consortium for Change logo

Lacey is a partner in Consortium for Change (C4C).

Humantelligence logo

Lacey partners with Humantelligence.

llm consulting group

Martina Stone McGaw is a consultant and coach with LLMCG.