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Hollywood enlists rage coaches to tamp down on abusive workplaces

The days of the abusive Hollywood boss could be numbered. Studios are hiring executive coaches, or rage coaches, to help squelch bad behavior and teach showrunners how to not bully their subordinates.

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Leadership is Hard

Leaders want to know they are “not alone” and that what they are experiencing has also been experienced by others. We support ourselves better when we acknowledge that “leadership is hard.”

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Leading Leaders

When Lacey Leone McLaughlin launched LLM Consulting Group, executive leadership training and coaching was not that common of a practice. Today, it’s essential – and welcomed in every imaginable management circle from Wall Street to Main Street.

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How Rage Coaches Are Helping Hollywood Take on Powerful Jerks

Companies are increasingly turning to career advisers who specialize in curtailing workplace bullies: “The sun is setting on them.”

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Krista Vernoff on Overcoming Her Past, Overhauling ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and (Finally) Emerging From Shonda’s Shadow

“Of all the gifts I’ve received from Shonda,” she says, “the executive coach is the greatest.”

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Mentors Help Young Professionals Get Ahead

Seasoned employees can offer advice and facilitate involvement in highly visible projects.

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