Custom Solutions for Complex Organizational Issues

LLM Consulting Group offers executive coaching, talent management, program design, and expert insight to accelerate leadership skills and team efficacy.

LLM Consulting Group brings together experienced thought leaders who have worked locally and internationally with organizations and individuals across all industries. Together we have a proven record of maximizing human capital, optimizing organizational transformation, and guiding clients from simply thinking about change to taking action and achieving results.

LLM Consulting Group is led by President and Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coach, Lacey Leone McLaughlin. Meet Lacey.

“Lacey found creative ways to guide me through a demanding leadership transition; her approach was impactful, creative, and adaptive. The work I did with Lacey directly impacted the way I managed my team, leading to a smooth transition that focused on execution and collaboration.”

Transitioning Leader

“I gained innovative and efficient techniques for approaching problem solving, productivity and planning that directly linked to the way I managed my team and my part of the business.”

Team Leader

“The learning I experienced in my coaching with Lacey was relevant, impactful, and immediately transferable to my day-to-day role and business leadership.”

Coaching Client

“Lacey brought an objective perspective and world class communication to focus on my professional life; the result was a clear path forward to achieve my goals.”

Career Advancement Client

“Working with Lacey was one of the more challenging professional endeavors of my career. Through intense effort and partnership, I achieved incredible personal insight and focus that lead to real positive change.”

Leadership Development Client