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LLM Consulting Group works with clients on navigating organizational changes. We have worked locally, nationally, and internationally with organizations and individuals across all industries, guiding clients based on research and best practices through every aspect of the change process, including:

  • Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Talent Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation of Custom Solutions

LLM Consulting Group applies the above strategies to:

Organizational Transformation

LLM Consulting Group works with you to understand your situation, what needs to change, and to take action in support of your goals. From adapting systems and processes to new technologies and new methods of action, to embracing new leadership and team performance models, to changing your organization’s culture to get everyone on the same page.

Human Capital Management

LLM Consulting Group works with your organization to align your human capital needs and your strategic business priorities to better address new business challenges, managing talent, integrating new acquisitions, and anticipating future workforce/workplace issues due to evolving public policy and/or changing market conditions.

Leadership & Talent Development

LLM Consulting Group coaches individuals and teams to grow their capacity as leaders and to optimize individual and team performance. Coaching is tailored to individual needs and typically focuses on leadership style and effectiveness, as well as career and role transitions.

LLM Consulting Group works with SurveyConnect’s 360 Assessment and Survey Applications to identify and benchmark personal and professional developmental needs in support of company goals. Customized plans of action ensure that critical job-related behaviors/skills are developed, evaluated, and rewarded, which leads to more effective leadership and improved team performance.

Exemplary Clients

LLM Consulting Group has worked successfully with numerous organizations in the US, Canada and Europe.

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Let’s explore how LLM Consulting Group can help you identify and implement the right moves for your career, your organization, and your people.

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LLM Consulting Group guides clients based on research and best practices through every aspect of the change process . . . and beyond.

Organizational Transformation
Human Capital Management
Leadership & Talent Development

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