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Skills & Leadership Assessment/Benchmarking

Russ AllisonRuss Allison focuses on helping leaders and organizations be more effective—his passion is finding ways to make already successful leaders even better, as fast as possible. He brings a business-minded grasp of psychology research to the table and partners with clients to take concrete steps that make a real difference for individuals, teams, and companies. Russ has specialized throughout his career in Executive Assessment, personally observing thousands of leaders from the best companies in the world and providing relevant and specific feedback for how those leaders can better achieve their goals.

By combining this background in Assessment with the ability to talk holistically about executive effectiveness, Russ is able to provide a unique perspective to his work with clients. He specializes in helping them to not only think about how he/she can be stronger, but also about the organizational system and context that leader interacts with every day—leadership never takes place in a vacuum and Russ’s coaching explicitly takes into account the unique challenges and obstacles of a given role.

Because of his experience in working with many different industries and many different companies, he sees and shares opportunities or options that might otherwise be overlooked.  Further, he ensures there is always a clear payoff for both the individual client leader as well as the organization by discussing both short-term performance objectives as well as broader career ambitions. People who have worked with Russ describe him as simultaneously supportive and challenging, and consistently able to offer candid insights that lead to powerful change.

Russ has coached clients from a wide variety of organizations including Bank of America, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, DreamWorks Animation, First American Financial, NBC Universal, Ross Stores, Scripps Networks Interactive, and Warner Bros.

Representative Assignments

  • Creative Producer, Animated Films
  • EVP Retail Operations, Bank
  • President of Sales, Consumer Electronics
  • President and General Manager, Medical Devices
  • Managing Director for Investments, Asset Manager
  • Managing Director of Electronic Trading, Financial Services
  • Head of Corporate Communications, Asset Manager
  • SVP Ad Sales, Entertainment
  • CIO, Retail
  • VP of Marketing, Television Broadcast Network

Business & Organizational Leadership Experience

Russ’s business experience has a foundation in a decade of success at PDI, a global leadership consulting firm where he specialized in executive assessment, business coaching, and integrated talent management. Later, Russ led the assessment and coaching function for Hewlett-Packard and built a development strategy for the top 35,000 leaders of the company. During that time he was responsible for a multi-million dollar budget and multiple teams of consultants working across business units, functions, and geographies. He has run his own practice since 2010, and has previous entrepreneurial experience running a web design business during the late 1990s.


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